Your Twitter Engagement Secret Agent

SkwawkIt is currently down. It will rise like the Phoenix in mobile form in a few weeks.

Your Twitter Engagement Secret Agent

Twitter engagement is hard not because nobody cares about your tweets, but because nobody sees your tweets.

At best only 10% of your followers will see your tweets.

SkwawkIt resolves this problem by pushing notifications to people who want to know about your important tweets so they can Retweet them.

Notify your followers of tweets that need Retweeting

Always see important tweets from the people you follow

Never miss an important social media engagement

A Skwawk is Tweet that you select to notify your followers, or Skwawkers, of its importance. It could be a conference announcement, press release, or something else that needs to gain traction in social media.

Once the Skwawk has been requested the Skwawker will receive an email that contains a link to instantly Retweet your tweet. They click link and voila!Íž social media engagement.