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Acceptable Use

You may only use this site in the manner which it was designed. You may not use this site to harass anyone in a manner where they cannot block or unfollow you. You may not use this service in any way that makes it appear that SkwawkIt or 10n Sofrware, LLC. has endorsed your activities.

You may not use SkwawkIt to incite violence against a human.

Definition of violence

  • the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy
  • an instance of violent treatment or procedure

If you are not an adult in the state in which you reside you will ensure that you have permission from whichever adult is responsible for you. If you are acting on behalf of a company or other organization you will ensure that you have permission from whichever individual holds responsibility for your organization.

You may use this site only according to normal front end or API usage, unless you have specific reason to examine site malfunction that you intend to report to 10n Software, LLC. as a bug. You may not use any kind of security scanner, load tester, or any other mechanism that may impact normal site function.

Cancellation or Suspension of Account

10n Software, LLC. reserves the right to terminate any account that it sees fit to terminate and modify any data that it sees fit to modify. But we're lazy, we'd rather not do anything like that.

Limitation of Liability

SkwawkIt is part of the Internet and its content is based on user generated content. As such it has little control over what is posted. Tweets coming from usage of this site are not the responsibility of 10n Software, LLC. 10n Software, LLC. will comply, as best as it is able, to any legal requests for data acquisition or removal but makes no guarantee that any such requests will be fully executed beyond what is minimally required by law.

Change of Agreement

10n Software, LLC. reserves the right to change this agreement any time, in any fashion. If you intend to act in a way that would make us want block you, watch this page in fear.